Instructions for use

AthensBikes system can be used both by subscribers - personal e-card holders and by occasional users - credit card holders, from the Industrial Gas Museum Shop in Technopolis City of Athens.

Working Hours Industrial Gas Museum Shop

Winter time (15/10-15/4)
Tuesday-Wednesday | Friday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00
Thursday: 10.00-21.00

Summer hours (16/4-14/10)
Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00

Closed: Every Monday, January 1,
Easter Sunday, May 1, August 15
October 28, 25 & 26 December

* The Shop will be closed 10 to 26 August. Get your card in time for the AthensBikes for endless summer walks in the city.

A necessary requirement for the use of AthensBikes is subscribing to the service.

Then the use is easy and simple.

To get a bicycle from AthensBikes system use the following three steps:

  1. Choose a bike and press the button next to the docking point, in order to activate the electronic display located on the communal bicycle attachment base.
  2. Approach your personal e-card to the card reader right below the electronic display
  3. As soon as the e-card is recognized, the electronically controlled docking point opens and the bicycle is available for use.

For any assistance in using AthensBikes system please contact Help Desk at 210 3475518.

To return a bicycle to the AthensBikes as a subscriber, follow the following three steps:

  1. Choose a vacant docking point
  2. Press the button next to the docking point and place the bicycle in it. The system will recognize the bicycle and the docking point will automatically lock, emitting a sound feature,
  3. Choose the appropriate button (YES/NO) to declare whether returned bicycle is in good condition to be used again.

CAUTION: Ensure that the bicycle has been recognized by AthensBikes and is secured locked. If for any reason the bicycle is not recognized, the lock will open after a few seconds. In such a case, the bicycle is no longer insured and remains indebted to you.